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Useful tip on how to wear sweaters

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Sweaters~~What else can you do in addition to wear?

Many friends are sure to be full of questions.

The answer is a sweater could be used as a scarf instead of wearing it! This tip could save your money and make you look edgy and special!

sweaters could be used as scarf

Fashion blogger Leandra Medine posted a blog on her blog: “How to Wear a Sweater as a Scarf (how to put sweaters as a scarf)”, and she used a red-black striped sweater as a scarf to sculpt.

Leandra Medine's blog of how to wear a sweater

In fact, this skill of sweater as a scarf has emerged before Leandra Medine’s post. It was used in the Christophe Lemaire 2014 Winter Show.


Christophe Lemaire 2014 winter and Fall runway show


After that, in the designer brand of the same name Rosetta Getty’s Pictorial also showed this skill, which created a neat, elegant and concise image of the urban women.


Rosetta Getty

Fashion blogger Pernille Teisbaek chose two sweaters with the same color. Red leather broad leg pants with pointed high heels, looks modern and sexy.
Pernille Teisbaek
It seems not fashion that using a basic and simple jeans to match a sweater. Actually, this look wins in details. Concise and exaggerated earrings, lip color, and nail color are worthy of learning.
sweaters with basic jeans wins in details
Any other idea of sweaters could be left as comment.

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