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Spring coming!!! there is Boutique Dresses paradise

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The spring has arrived, in the warmer weather, it is time to put on your Boutique Dresses.

Under a Boutique Dress, you can join your special party freely in your suit style, a princess heart And finally can make your dream come true.

For example, Elena Perminova, who is put a purple Boutique Dress walking in the wind, like a fairy……

Sasha Pivovarova wearing a White Boutique Dress, with flat-bottomed slippers, simple styling like Bohemia’s sense of holiday, but also very easy to learn.

Even Anna Dello Russo put on such a dress also become girls heart up.

Moreover, the recently just finished 2017 Paris fashion week, from Dior to Elie Saab to Valentino ……besides, you can see the show field show Boutique Dresses, which were well enjoied by many fashion icons.

Share you more styles from Valentino series in spring and summer 2017

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