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Don‘t you wear skirts in winter?

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Skirts or dresses are no longer the exclusive in summer. If you want to wear edgy and warm in winter, you should not give up them. Some of the skirts and dresses which usually used in spring and autumn may look amazing in winter.

Yarn/Gauze skirt

For the flimsy yarn skirt, many people will say no in the winter. But it actually let you be fashionable and elegant in cold and heavy winter.

Yarn skirt and sweater are natural CP in fashion world.

yarn skirt with sweater in winter

long sweater with yarn skirt

The appearance of gauze skirt will also let you find out about the new idea of wearing coat. Maybe you could get more inspiration from the comparison of thick and thin from two different style.

coat with gauze skirt

Fur coat with gauze skirt is also a strong contrast, and there is a baffling sense of harmony between them. If you do not want to be noblewoman look with fur coat, you’d better choose a pair of sneaker.

fur coat with gauze skirt

Lace Skirt

Sexy and feminine lace skirt is the must-have item for “goddess” lady no matter it is summer or winter.

short lace skirt with sweater

lace element in outfit

If  you want to wear a long lace skirt match with coat, you must choose thick one:

thick lace skirt with long coat

How to be handsome by lace skirt?

You should try sports style item to match with lace style, such as a jacket, a baseball cap, and etc.

sporty item match lace skirt

Other style with lace element:

army coat with white lace dress

jeans with lace skirt

Suede Skirt

Vintage, noble and hippie suede elements will appear in the fashion stage every winter. Suede jacket, suede shoes, suede skirt has been praised as a symbol of winter.

suede skirt in winter

Turtleneck sweater looks high fashion with suede skirt:

Turtleneck sweater with suede skirt

Alexa Chung's suede style

Natasha Goldenberg wear suede skirt

suede skirt with fur coat

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