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Trending colors in 2017

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Trending colors in 2017

Turning to the trend of clothing, beside style and fabrics, trending colors are also the factor we should pay more attention to it.


Brighter than dark red, Samba color shows us enthusiasm as Samba dance with understated elegance.

samba color is 2017 trending color

No matter of what the fabric is, when you decide to wear a jacket with samba color, you must be most attractive in the crowd.

street style using samba color outfits

It bags with samba color will be all-match single item in winter.

bags with samba color

Veiled Rose

Veiled rose is a kind of pink color.It is undemonstrative, soft, peaceful quiet.

Pantone official color trending in 2017

veiled rose coat

how to match veiled rose color with other items

pink fur coat

Mykonos Blue

Inspired by a small island in the Aegean Sea: Mykonos, which is the closest to Paradise as the story goes, Mykonos Blue is deeper than conventional blue, but of noble and bright.

mykonos blue in official pantone

Princess Kate shows special preference to Mykonos Blue.

She wears mykonos blue coat with a simple high collar sweater, coupled with a sweet and calm smile, displaying noble temperament.

Princess Kate wear a mynokos blue coat

Fashion icon Gilda Ambrosio’s two style in blue coat this year appeared in every best street style billboard.

fashion blogger Gilda Ambrosio street style with blue outfit clothes with mykonos blue street style

blue dress with white sneakers

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